Yoriko Kishimoto

Painting opens a door for me, helping me see a small slice of life. I feel the energy and life breathe in every natural landscape, including the human touch on our landscapes manifested as cottages, chairs, fences.  

As former Mayor of Palo Alto and now on board of Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District, I work to reduce negative environmental impacts on the beautiful natural world that we are blessed to live in.  As a painter, I can try to capture what is worth protecting.

My father was my first inspiration -  he started painting when he retired at age 70. I have benefitted from many wonderful teachers including Kay Culpepper, Helène Barber, Brigitte Curt and Marguerite Fletcher.  

I love colors and value, and am happy to try all media from watercolor to oil with a couple forays into woodblock carving and printing.